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Okay, so I'm a little fearful reading this thread. I've an incredible home that is paneled on top of the rafters, that are 4x8, and I set up sloped cans and was about to insulate and complete ceilings. My Most important purpose of undertaking this is that the roof is specifically within the beams and it receives very very hot in the summertime, Winter season not so much of difficulty as I reside in San Diego and temps seldom dip down below freezing.

A. There's a code need for any vapor retarder in certain forms of assemblies, but there is no requirement to get a vapor barrier. Your layer of rigid foam is by now a vapor retarder. No even further vapor retarding layer need to be mounted.

I'm a homeowner in Seattle. Have a freshly-framed, vented cathedral ceiling to insulate. Straight bays, 2x12, 24" o/c. The existing plan is to utilize batts of some kind inside the bays, choose care to air seal the interior area, stay clear of penetrations, air seal the vent channel way too (bays completely sealed), double primary the inside surface area for vapor resistance. I've a few questions about baffling the vent channel: 1. A lot of the constructing gurus I'm working with sense the jury continues to be out on baffles and therefore are recommending leaving the batts open to the channel other than near the vents, assuming the one-2" air channel can be taken care of.

I'm opening up my household and installing cathedral ceilings, I just desired to substantiate my plan considering the fact that I bought 2nd views reading more and more about it. My authentic selection was to go with a vented roof system and R38C batts. I go through a lot about different solutions and it however seems to me that Here is the best. Livint in Atlanta GA we must deal with both scorching humid summers and chilly winters, so humidity Manage is a problem, that's why I believe the vented solution is definitely the best. Anyhow, I'm right down to the rafters and roofdecking and furred out the present 2x6 with six" metallic studs, so I have about 11.5" for insulation. Mt plan was to make a continual air flow beneath the roofdeck, my question goes towards to work with baffles, xps board Create baffles or insect display screen nailed at furring strips to permit for the airspace.

My residence inbuilt sixty three in this article in Ohio features a cathedral ceiling with roofing company arizona no air flow. In fact home there numerous cross-supports running perpendicular to the main joists and other framing features that would make this unfeasible. So I need to make it a powerful unvented roof. Half in the roof has 2x8 joists and the opposite fifty percent has 2x12s. Right now You will find there's membrane covering (rubber) that's labored nicely for more than twenty years but is exhibiting signs of deterioration and may well need to have replacing quickly. Obtaining carried out remodeling on the inside and walking on the roof I'm sure that plenty of the sheeting has to get replaced along Learn More Here with the little insulation that is there now. We've experienced condensation issues before so I now you will find air infiltration and bridging problems.

The plan: Element A: I discovered one" Dow rigid foam backed 5/8CDX for a similar cost as the bare CDX, and I plan to double it up similar to a SIP, installing The underside sheet foam aspect up and the subsequent sheet on major (staggered naturally) with the foam going through down, giving me 2" of insulation concerning the plywood.

As making scientist Bill Rose has demonstrated, code requirements for roof venting were never ever determined by investigation or scientific ideas. Within a properly documented JLC

If a constructing inspector insists that you put in some sort of inside “vapor barrier,” it is possible to usually set up a wise vapor retarder like MemBrain to fulfill your inspector.

As the home flexes with adjustments of temperature It can be feasible, even very likely that a number of the foamed-in air sealing will leak. It would be worth executing 2" of open cell foam on the interior side of which might be a far more versatile and reliable long phrase air seal.

While roof air flow can assist dry out damp roof sheathing, it’s vital to Restrict the movement of drinking water vapor escaping through the dwelling so that the roof sheathing in no way receives damp in the first place.

two. I believe your proposed detail would be difficult to Establish. How easy can it be to balance about the rafters as you put in the membrane, presumably with staples, and after that set up the 2x2 spacers, presumably with nails or screws, all without Placing a foot involving the rafters? I wouldn’t want to do it.

Do you think you're planning to mend a shingle that continues to be broken marginally or has actually been blown off within a storm? browse our attribute on "The best way to Restore a Lacking Roof Shingle".

Superb post and discussion. I have a question about an current unvented attic assembly. The rafters are 2x4's and also the bays concerning them are wholly crammed with closed cell spray foam. I wish to increase two 1in levels of polyiso to the interior of attic and afterwards address with a vapor open membrane to airseal the assembly.

The R value of your Slash'n'cobbled foam + exterior foam should be at least forty% of the center-cavity R worth for dew point Management in the foam/fiber boundary in zone five. If It is really arising somewhat shy of that ahead of adding the exterior foam it's not a giant offer during the temporary, but when it may be 5-10 years ahead of re-roofing to raise the foam-R to earlier mentioned 40% of the entire It is really worth using vapor barrier latex primer to the gypsum board, or a smart vapor retarder between the gypsum board & fiberglass.

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